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S.T. 37® First Aid Antiseptic Oral Pain Reliever Solution 8 oz Only left 21 in stock.

S.T. 37® First Aid Antiseptic Oral Pain Reliever Solution 8 oz

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For external use as a soothing antiseptic solution on minor cuts, abrasions, and burns. For temporary relief of occasional minor irritation associated with sore mouth or throat.

  • S.T.37 kills common pathogenic bacteria quickly – on contact!
  • Laboratory tests have established S.T.37 antiseptic solution as a general antiseptic for household use.
  • S.T.37 is pleasant to use, because it produces little or no stinging or burning. In fact, it soothes irritated areas.
  • Since it is germicidal for the common pathogenic bacteria, S.T.37 may minimize the development of infection. Excellent for cleansing cuts and scrapes.
  • S.T.37 does not stain the skin or leave an odor
  • S.T.37 temporarily relieves minor pain and protects irritated areas of sore mouth or throat.


  • Cuts & Abrasions: Apply full strength S.T.37 into the cut or over the injured area.
  • Burns: Apply full strength S.T.37 for treatment of minor burns. S.T.37 combats the cause of infections.
  • Hygienic Care of Mouth: Use undiluted and gargle or rinse to help keep mouth clean and fresh.


Active Ingredient: Hexylresorcinol 0.1%
Inactive Ingredients: Citric Acid, Edetate Disodium, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Citrate, Purified Water.