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bac<® Back Brace Large

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Do you get constant pain when you're sitting down, lifting, or bending? Maybe even the occasional shooting pain down the leg? If so, our back brace has been designed to relieve lower back pain by helping to support those important core muscles in your central lower back. Don't continue suffering with the stresses of lower back pain when you can try our lightweight and comfortable-to-wear back brace, which should help to reduce any inflammation, swelling, and tension in your lower back by giving you that extra support you need.

The brace is lightweight and comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to the tension you prefer. It also comes with two reusable cool pads, which help to reduce any inflammation or swelling.

Large: Waist up to 53 inches 135cm


Unfold back brace, wrap around lower/mid back, and Velcro in the front.

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