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bac<® Shoulder Brace Large

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Many things can trigger shoulder pain. These include:

  • Sitting or standing in a poor posture position over time
  • Jobs that involve prolonged time sitting at your desk or in the car
  • Poor sitting or standing posture over time

The Bac shoulder brace is designed to improve your posture, prevent slouching, and align your spine, therefore relieving pain and discomfort.

Once the shoulder brace is fitted, you will instantly feel the elastic straps and the low profile back section pull your shoulders into the correct position and straighten your spine.

Used as a training device for a few hours a day over a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a change in your posture.

Chest Approx up to 36 - 48 inches (91cm - 121cm)


  • Open the loops as far as they go
  • Put the brace on blue side towards the body and adjust around the shoulders
  • Reach around the back, grab the end of the straps, and pull around
  • To extend the straps, pull individually each strap forward
  • Then, pull forward the other strap
  • The straps should now be long enough to fasten around the front
  • Ensure no straps are twisted at the back

Click here for a video demonstration on how to use Bac<