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Calmol 4® Hemorrhoidal Suppositories 12 Count Only left 66 in stock.

Calmol 4® Hemorrhoidal Suppositories 12 Count

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The gentle, soothing ingredients of Calmol 4® Hemorrhoidal Suppositories provide natural lubrication for the rectal lining to relieve and treat painful hemorrhoids, inflamed tissues, and other anorectal disorders. Each suppository is contoured with a unique bulb shape for ease of insertion and longer retention.

  • Safe and effective
    • No steroids
    • No interaction with internal medications
    • Not absorbed into the bloodstream
  • Contains soothing natural, non-prescription ingredients
    • Cocoa Butter (lubricates & protects)
    • Zinc Oxide (healing astringent)
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Insert 1 suppository bulb shape into the rectum up to 6 times daily or after each bowel movement.