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Quantum Health® Elderberry Liquid Extract 2 oz

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Quantum Health pioneered the introduction of Elderberry after research out of Israel and Finland demonstrated Elderberry's unique benefits. Elderberry is a powerful antioxidant and is rich in bioflavonoids and Vitamins A, C and E. Quantum's Elderberry is standardized to guarantee 5% total flavonoids. In addition, Quantum products use the same form of elderberry as in the studies: Sambucus Nigra. Quantum's Elderberry Liquid Extract provides support for your immune system. This herb is unfumigated and processed to retain all possible vital elements.


Suggested Use: Use 1 - 2 droppers in hot or cold water, or in tea 3 - 5 times daily.


2 oz. Elderberry Extract (Sambucus Nigra), Alcohol (20% content, corn grain), Distilled Water