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Rohto® Hydra (13 mL) Lubricant Eye Drops Only left -9 in stock.

Rohto® Hydra (13 mL) Lubricant Eye Drops


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Product Details

Rohto® Hydra restores moisture and relieves dry, irritated eyes.

  • Mimics natural tears
  • Relieves irritation
  • Soothes dry and tired eyes
  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting

Unlike ordinary eye drops, all Rohto® Cooling Eye Drops have Freshkick™ technology, an intense freshness formula that works instantly to comfortably soothe your eyes for up to 8 hours, while providing refreshing relief. Rohto® Cooling Eye Drops are available in a unique, clear bottle with a non-squirting one-drop dispenser.

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Put 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed. See Drug Facts for complete information.